About Us

We are a personalised shipping service, tailored to your shopping & Shipping needs to Ghana by air and sea, from our countries of operation.

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Working hours: Mon – Fri, 10AM -4PM

Why Choose Us?

We consolidate – orders coming in at different times can be stored safely as shipped as one package to cut costs. This is perfect for group shipments.
We tailor our services to your needs.
  • In-store pickups
  • Online purchases
  • Provision of street addresses for package mailing and reception
  • Gift services - shopping, shipping, gift packaging and delivery
We handle all the hassle involved with shipping and clearing so you don’t have to.
(Unless you really want to)
  • We are IATA trained and Certified to handle shipments of all kinds, shippers declarations and package labelling.
  • Your packages are FULLY insured
  • Speed of delivery is our goal.

You get a street Address for your package shipments and purchases.
We have a Concierge Service that handles your online and in-store purchases.
We are Dangerous Goods & HAZMAT Compliant (we can ship all your phones, tablets, batteries, laptops , perfumes..etc)

Contact Us

Address: N/A currently due to the pandemic and exposure.
Telephone: +233 242 331191
Working hours: Mon – Fri: 9am -5pm